How to Download and Install GTA Vice City Game Mobile


Some people asked me this question recently How to download GTA Vice City Game in Mobile How did GTA Vice City play in Mobile? How to download and play GTA Vice City Game Android Phone? That’s why I am writing this post today in which I will tell you that.

How to Download, Install and Play in GTA Vice City Game Android Phone All of you must know if GTA Vice City is not there, then I can tell you that GTA Vice City is a very popular game that is different for both Computer and Mobile.

But many people do not know how to play GTA Vice City Game Android Phone, so I am writing this post for my dear friends who do not know this but if you know how to run GTA Vice City Game on Android Phone You can skip these posts.

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The GTA Vice City game also speaks of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game. It is like real life, in this, we play a hooligan roll. In which we have many missions which we have to fill.

Let’s go straight to your topic while not talking about it and know how to play GTA Game on Android Phone if you have ever played this game in Computer, then you would have liked it very much and would like it to be your Android phone You will also want to play in

First of all, I want to tell you a special story of GTA and that is that this game is full offline means you do not have to use your internet data to play it. But this game has a lot of sizes, which is 908 Is MB

It’s a very great game, according to the size of this game. Graphics are awesome. If you played it once, they believe that all day you will feel like playing this game. Before I tell you a process of GTA Vice Downloading I’ll tell you the requirements.

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GTA Vice City Android Mobile 
To run GTA Vice City Game in Mobile, Rar File is the most important file, in which we will get GTA’s APK file and OBB file. You can download it from the link below and its size is 908 MB.

Requirements for running GTA Vice Games Android Mobile 
If you want to know how to play GTA Game on your mobile, then before that you need some things to run GTA Vice City Game in Mobile which I have mentioned below.

1. ES File Explorer (Download Here)
To run GTA Vice City Android Phone, you must have ES File Explorer with the help of this, we have to unrar the RAR file of GTA Vice City.

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

2. GTA Vice City OBB File
Now you must be wondering what happens and where we get it, then I will tell you this file which is what we will get on the GTA Vice City unrar of the Rar file, and we will send it to the sdcard / android / OBB folder copy, Then our game apk will work.

3. GTA Vice City APK
You can get GTA apk file also in the GTA that’s Rar file.


To install GTA Vice City Android Phone, we need to install this game in your mobile first, in order to install it, you must have its rar file which you can download from the link above, after downloading GTA Mobile Follow these steps to install.

Step 1. First of all, open the file explorer app.


Step 2. Click on the compressed option on the home page and click on unzip.


Step 3. Clicking on Unzip will start to unrar the GTA file when 100% unrar, then open the unzip instead of the option will click on it.

Step 4. Open an installer file and an apk file will open. And the long press on the folder long press, you will see the option of a copy, click on it.

Step 5. Now open the OBB folder inside your SD card and inside the Android and inside of the file explorer, paste it on GITA by clicking on the paste icon.

Now your mobile successfully GTA Vice City game has been installed. Now you enjoy the game.

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