Top 15 Best Camera Apps For Android Phones


Top 15 Best Camera Apps For Android Phones

| Hey, what’s up guys welcome to another recent article, in this section.I will show you” Top 15 Best Camera Apps For Android“ for your android mobiles, in this article I will include the hand-picked best android app for the camera  with high-quality pictures and low size, so finally guys let’s get started.    


So, nowadays we’ll tell you the 15 Best Camera Apps for Android:

1. Google Camera

Best Camera Apps

Google Camera

You must bear in mind of the Google Camera app, which comes pre-installed on Nexus devices. Well if you’re not, you must positively check it out. The app comes with a straightforward interface however some very cool options.

The app allows you to snap photos fast and quick in many modes like HDR+, Lens blur, icon sphere, wide angle, and panorama. The app additionally will enable you to catch photos whereas shooting a video. Google Camera moreover comes with humanoid Wear support.

Developer: Google INC.

Best Camera Apps

2.Manual Camera

Best Camera Apps

Manual Camera

The Manual management app offers excellent manual management to humanoid users associated if you utilize a humanoid Lollipop running device, the app ought to work wonders. The app uses Lollipop’s latest Camera2 API, so that means that there square measure some awing options however you may miss out if you’re not on the newest humanoid version nonetheless.

The app permits you to manually management the ISO, white balance, shutter speed, focus distance and a lot of. The app is {additionally} same to be in no time at the side of additional options like RAW (DNG) capture, geo-tagging, Timer, gridlines and a lot of.

Developer: GD computer code

Compatibility: humanoid five.0 and up

Best Camera Apps

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3.VSCO Cam

Best Camera Apps


VSCO Cam is another universal humanoid photography app, which had become common on iOS initial before creating its thanks to humanoid. The app may be a right way to snap footage, edit them and share them. VSCO uses its process technology, that is alleged bring excellent footage.

VSCO permits you to set your footage VSCO Grid, that may be a social network wherever the app shows you curated footage. The app allows you to edit your footage and because the app description says, “VSCO Tools yield fine-tuning, with the goal to enhance, not define your images.” The app is free on the Google Play Store and there square measure in-app purchases for predetermined packs.

Developer: VSCO

Compatibility: humanoid 4.0 and up

Best Camera Apps



Best Camera Apps


ProCapture, because the name suggests, brings some skilled camera options for humanoid users. The app comes with shooting modes like Timer, Burst, Reduces noise, wide shot and panorama.

The app additionally brings some advanced options like grid and Fibonacci spiral composition aids at the side of the period bar chart on the screen. The app brings the bit to focus and choice to set the quantity rocker because of the camera button.

Developer: NEast Studios

Compatibility: humanoid a pair of.2 and up

Best Camera Apps


5. Camera 360 final

Best Camera Apps

Camera 360

Camera 360 is one among the foremost widespread camera apps obtainable for smartphones. The app brings each skilled level manual controls and options at the side of fun writing options.

The app comes with numerous camera modes, exclusive variant filters, free cloud album, sharing options, skilled writing tools and additional. The interface is additionally not clean and not littered with all the options on the front. The cute factor concerning Camera 360 is it’s free with the Play Store, and there are not any ads additionally. If you would like an excellent all-in-one camera app for your mechanical man device, Camera 360 final shouldn’t foil you.

Developer: Pinguo opposition.

Compatibility: mechanical man two.3 and up

Best Camera Apps


6. Cymera

Best Camera Apps


Cymera is another favorite automatic man photography app on the Google Play Store, and at the side of powerful camera options, the app additionally brings a large number of writing options. The camera interface of the Camera includes the variety of powerful lenses like Focus, Anti-shake, convexo-concave and additional.

The app additionally brings the power to form colleges at the side of many filters. There are a large number of writing options like retouching choices, change of state and additional. Cymera may be a should attempt if you would like a straightforward however powerful camera app.

Developer: SK Communications

Compatibility: mechanical man two.3 and up

Best Camera Apps

7. Camera ZOOM FX Premium

Best Camera Apps

Camera ZOOM FX Premium

Camera ZOOM FX Premium may be a quick and sleek camera app on mechanical man. This is often a paid app. However, the feature list and therefore the interface makes it worthwhile. The app includes the most effective of each world, that’s skilled camera options and fun options.

The Camera ZOOM FX app brings a quick capture at the side of variant camera modes like the best image, unbroken shot, time lapse, HDR and additional. The app additionally provides you the power to line a hardware key just like the volume rocker because of the camera button. The app moreover packs in powerful post process on the side of variant cool writing options for you to relish.

Developer: androidslide

Compatibility: mechanical man one.6 and up

Best Camera Apps

8. Camera FV-5

Best Camera Apps

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is another feature packed skilled camera app, which brings DSLR grade manual controls and permits you to take raw photos and method them later. The app comes with Lollipop’s Camera2 API implementation at the side of numerous advanced options.

The Camera FV-5 offers a DSLR-like optical device, that permits you to see exposure, aperture, bracketing settings and additional. The feature list is goodbye that it might take North American nation lots of your time to hide it. In short, you must undoubtedly check this app out if you’re longing for an excellent skilled camera app.

Developer: FGAE

Compatibility: mechanical man two.2 and up

Best Camera Apps


9. DSLR Camera professional

Best Camera Apps

DSLR Camera professional

The DSLR Camera professional is AN app for automatic man users trying to for a full-on skilled camera app. GD code has developed the app, and World Health Organization is behind the excellent Manual Camera app, that is additionally featured on our list. The DSLR Camera professional app has some compelling options packed during a smart interface.

Most of the options are a faucet off from the users, and there are the variety of skilled grade options like 2 stage shutter, movable optical device, live bar chart, light-weight metering and far more. A number of the alternatives are hardware dependent; therefore not all smartphones would possibly support them.

Developer: GD code

Compatibility: mechanical man four.0 and up\

Best Camera Apps


10. Vignette

Best Camera Apps


Vignette is featured camera app, that brings lots of fresh and fun options for all the mechanical man users across the world. Its post process covers no matter your stock camera would lack.

The Vignette app brings the variety of modes like time lapse, bit to focus, image booth, digital 10x zoom and additional. The app additionally brings cool effects with seventy customizable filters and fifty frames. It moreover brings options advanced options like composition guides, remote shutter, and extra. Another fun reality is that the app is optimized for taking photos underwater except for that confirm you’ve got a waterproof smartphone.

Developer: Weaver Studios

Compatibility: mechanical man one.5 and up

Best Camera Apps


11.Cameringo Lite

Best Camera Apps

Over the fifteen humanoid camera apps during this list Cameringo is my favorite camera app; it’s its current and comfortable computer program with skilled options like panorama, DSLR controls and an HDR possibility for produce lovely snaps tone mapping filters. This app comes with 250+ filters which may be adjustable as per you would like, merely it’s excellent app for taking excellent pics.

Best Camera Apps
12.Candy Camera

Best Camera Apps

Candy Camera is associate best for taking awe-inspiring selfies. This app allows you to pick a filter whereas taking the pic. The variability of screens is one thousand of. You’ll additionally manually regulate the white balance and add stickers. Pic was writing feature additionally accessible, smoothing the feel of the skin or adding decoration as a Polaroid sort background. best selfie camera app for humanoid
best selfie camera app for humanoid

Best Camera Apps

13.PicsArt pic Studio

Best Camera Apps

This app may be a unleash center to our creativeness. Additionally to having its own code to regulate the camera features a massive community of users UN agency instantly share their latest creations. With PicsArt you’ll retouch your favorite photos even when you’ve got taken them.PicsArt pic Studio

The camera interface features a few necessary controls like white balance, brightness, flash management, etc. additionally has some filters and impacts with that to convey slightly of a spine to the pictures or a terribly original burnt adverse effect.

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14.GIF Camera

Why accept sharing series and picture GIFs once you will produce your own? GIF Camera is that the most suitable option for this. best video camera app
GIF Camera

When you open the appliance, you’ll record little videos that, once processed, can become GIFs to share them directly wherever you wish. Additionally, the app features a file manager you’ll throw away unwanted GIFs.

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15.Little Photo

This is another app that I like. It’s some elegant touches and that I have been asked if I created the photos with an associate analog camera. The camera app is straightforward thus you are doing not get distracted whereas you get a square frame. best paid camera app for humanoid 2016best camera app for humanoid KitKat

After taking a photograph, you’ll play with a large number of effects with merely touching the name. It’s additionally doable to set some impacts to convey it a single bit, and if you are doing not just like the result, you’ll invariably discard the changes and begin over.

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This area unit our high 15 automaton Camera Apps (free and paid) however mind you, all the options listed within the apps won’t work with each smartphone. Some choices need specific hardware whereas some would like a lot of processor power. Thus lower finish smartphones may miss out on a number of the options. Either way in which, these apps area unit excellent camera apps and you must undoubtedly check them out. Do tell us, if you’ve got the other favorite camera app.


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