Top 5 Best WWE Android Free Download Games For You


Top 5 Best WWE Android Free Download Games For You

One of the sports from all over the world is such that from our childhood, the hearts are moving on the mind. This is the sport ‘World Wide Entertainment’ i.e. WWE Everyone will have the mischief to see their favorite wrestler in his childhood on TV and do his own special movements. Although many people will have less obsession with WWE as well as aging.

But in today’s era, technology is a medium that can bring the advent of anything to its old style. Today there are several WWE video games available in the digital market that will refresh your old memories. So let’s know about the WWE’s five best games that can be downloaded for free on Android phones.

# 1 WWE Immortals

Speaking of the WWE’s five most spectacular virtual games, it definitely comes in the top of ‘WWE Immortals’. The game is better in many ways than the other WWE games available for the Android system.

[appbox googleplay  screenshots com.wb.wwe.brawler2014]

In this game created by Warner Bros., fantastic graphics have been given to play on a phone or tablet. It is based on a supernatural world. In this, your favorite player uses extremely deadly powers. The company has put special ‘Mortal Kombat’ elements in it that make this game unique in its own right.

If you are fond of playing games on the Android base or if you are crazy about WWE, then definitely download it.

# 2WW Supercards

You must remember that the best timepiece was to buy and play WWE trading cards in childhood. The fun of the WWE Cards has been special in itself. Now you can enjoy this fun technique. All you have to do is download ‘WWE Supercards’ game.

[appbox googleplay screenshots  com.catdaddy.cat22 ]

Yes, this supercard game is like the same childhood trading card but it is more exciting. You get more than 700 cards in it. People playing in this game in any corner of the world can play together. As you win, the cards will open for you. You can also play ‘King of the Ring’ tournament. The tournament plays 16 players, choosing their favorite fighter, and playing together for several hours.

So, it can be said that the WWE Supercars must come in five best WWE Android games. Then what’s the matter of late, please download it.

# 3 WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse

When talking about the best games of WWE, then the mention of ‘Rockpocalypse’ should definitely be mentioned. Although these games are no longer available in the Android version, they are quite interesting.

WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse

This game is made up of the WWE’s biggest star called ‘The Rock‘. Actually, in this game, Rock protects one of its studio 5.1 from the capture of enemies. In this process rock rockets his enemies and wipes them out.

This is a game with a strong fight and its graphics are also good. These are no longer on Android but when it was then quite popular.

# 4 Wrestling Revolution 3D

This list of the best five WWE games cannot be included in the ‘Wrestling Revolution 3D’. Due to the fantastic graphics and flexible movements of players, these WWE games are very interesting in itself. If you want to enjoy wrestling with your friends, then this game will not bore you.

[appbox googleplay  screenshots air.WR3DFree]

In this game, you can do great moves like the WWE Wrestler, and you can fix the fights yourself too. You can set it yourself as a backstage in ‘Bookie’, which will be the fight between the two players. This makes the game even more interesting. Due to all these features, we can say that if you have Wrestling Revolution 3D then you will never be bored.

# 5 Real Wrestling 3D

Real Wrestling 3D is not a WWE Wrestling game but still offers quite interesting Wrestling Experience in itself. Its robust graphics and great player moves make it attractive.

[appbox googleplay  screenshots]

In this game, you get different types of interesting fighting techniques. With this help you can easily make special moves such as takedown, lock, grappling as a player. This game is available for free on Android, then download it immediately in your phone.

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