Top Best 5 Free iPad Puzzle Games For 2018

iPad Puzzle Games

Top Best 5 Free iPad Puzzle Games December 2018

| Hey what’s up guys welcome to another recent article.I will show you “Top 5 iPad Puzzle Games in 2018 “, in this article I will include best ios games hand-picked best iPad Puzzle games with high graphics and low size, so finally guys let’s get started.


[appbox appstore screenshots  sudoku/id366247306?mt=8]


No list of excellent puzzle games would be complete while not a version of Sudoku and CrowdCafe’s Sudoku HD are going to be the most effective buck ever spent by the Sudoku chronic. The sport includes thousands of grid styles. Thus you will not run out of puzzles anytime presently. It additionally consists of a heap of sweet options, just like the ability to let the iPad solve the mystery for you.

2.Cut the Rope

[appbox appstore screenshots  cut-the-rope/id1024505111?mt=8]


Do you like candy? WHO doesn’t? Particularly monsters. Or, a minimum of the Om Nom, the beast within a mysterious package that got hold of the doorstep. And it’s up to you to eat the monster the candy it craves by victimization your rope cutting skills combined with effects like reversing gravity. Directly look out for the spiders and jagged spikes. Cut the Rope may be a mixture of physics-based puzzle determination and cute gameplay.

3.Angry Birds Star Wars

[appbox appstore screenshots angry-birds-star-wars/id557137623?mt=8 ]


The Angry Birds series area unit the final physics-based puzzle games on the app store. Every game presents a fun challenge wrapped in each humor and magnificence, with simple entry levels quickly giving thanks to brain teasers. The Star Wars version mixes in one amongst the most effective area operas in history, giving the sports plenty of personal appeal, and currently that the sequel is obtainable, the first is about at a reduced worth. More »

4.Tetris Blitz

[appbox appstore screenshots tetris-blitz/id632827808?mt=8 ]

Tetris does not want a lot of-of Associate in Nursing introduction. The sport has been dragging individuals into the depths of game addiction for three decades currently, and with a slightly lovely variation thereon, Tetris Blitz feels new and recent at the identical time. Tetris Blitz could be a regular version of the sport wherever you aspire the best score inside the deadline. There’s conjointly a lot of ancient text offered.


5.World Of Hidden Objects

[appbox appstore screenshots  world-hidden-objects-100-hidden/id620431680?mt=8]


Would this list be complete while not a minimum of one hidden object game? A virtual game of Where’s Waldo, obscure object games beckon you to seek out all of the secrets hidden at intervals a picture. In contrast to several similar games on the app store, World of Hidden Objects does not contain a story. Instead, it’s merely a group of gorgeous photos that include hidden objects for you to seek out.

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