Top 10 Best AR Apps and Games For Android in 2018


Top 10 AR Apps and Games for Android For 2018 

Hey, what’s up guys welcome to another new article, in this section? I will show you Best AR  Android Apps Free Cool Apps for Android For 2018 in this article, I will include hand-picked best android apps with safe and secure on play store, so finally, guys let’s get started

What are AR apps and games?

The word “augmented” means that to create one thing bigger or a lot of intense, i.e., to extend one thing by adding one thing thereto. increased reality refers to the improvement of our real-world setting through computer-aided sensing. AR Apps square measure those apps that the United States our phone’s camera or alternative sensors to allow us a lot of increased data concerning our surroundings.

Note: a number of these apps can work provided that your device has all the specified sensors. This list isn’t within the order of preference. it’s a compilation of standard and best-rated golem increased reality apps. If you’re associate degree iOS user, take a glance at our article on Top 5 Best Pc Games Ever in The World

1. Google Sky Map

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

Google Sky Map is one of the oldest golem AR apps on the Play Store. It allows you to expertise the universe through your phone’s camera in increased reality. purpose your device’s camera at the sky, and also the app can show you the constellations, planets, galaxies and celestial object and their relative positions within the direction you purpose.

The results square measure pretty correct if the device is the tag. If not, you’ll be able to follow their guide for calibrating the app.

2.Pokémon GO

[appbox googleplay screenshots  com.nianticlabs.pokemongo]

You must have detected concerning the Pokémon Go hoopla. it’s been downloaded quite 750 million times and it’s one the most effective AR games for golem you’ll be able to play. The gameplay is pretty straightforward. As you walk around with this game put in, your smartphone can vibrate if there’s a Pokémon near. Aim and throw a Poké Ball to catch one. the sport causes you to search so much and wide for Pokémons and alternative things. whereas catching, hatching, and evolving, vie in epic athletic facility battles and team to defeat powerful Raid Bosses.

This game is free-to-play with in-game purchases. However, it’s solely optimized for smartphones, not tablets.


[appbox googleplay   screenshots com.nianticproject.ingress]

Ingress may be a classic golem AR game wherever the entire world is your playground. the sport deals with a mysterious energy and portals of this energy across numerous places globally. you want to opt for sides during this game. “The Enlightened” is tasked with the duty of harnessing the force whereas “The Resistance” should work to defend and defend humanity. though you would possibly want a while to induce a grasp of the sport, once you are doing, you’ll be hooked.

Ingress is free with in-app purchases.

4.Inkhunter-try tattoo styles

[appbox googleplay  screenshots  tattoo.inkhunter]

Inkhunter is associate degree awful AR app for the golem. It allows you to visualize in increased reality, however, a tattoo would seem like in your skin. All you wish to try and do is draw a square-shaped emoticon on your skin, and also the app can project the planning you decide on through the camera. you’ll be able to choose your own style from gallery or make a choice from the many styles obtainable through the app.

5.Quiver – 3D Coloring App

[appbox googleplay screenshots  com.puteko.colarmix ]

Quiver is associate degree increased reality coloring app that permits you to print, color, and see your drawings in lovely 3D animation. it’s a free AR golem App with in-app purchases. The app is principally created for youths to allow them happy coloring expertise. All you wish is to position the Quiver app on prime of a coloring page and press the faucet button, and also the coloring page can mechanically come back to life within the style of associate degree animation. The users will access and print a variety of coloring pages from among the app or from Quiver’s web site (

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6.Anti Mosquito AR Game

[appbox googleplay screenshots  com.zanzaragames.antimosquito]

Anti-mosquito AR Game

This is a fun golem AR game to altogether waste some time. one or two of insects show informed your measuring system. you have got to seek out them through your camera by moving your device around. The insects show up all around you, and it’s lots of fun to shoot down mosquitos employing a gun. This AR game is free with some in-app purchases.

7.Field Trip

[appbox googleplay  screenshots com.nianticproject.scout]

Field Trip is the associate degree innovative golem AR app which may sway be extremely helpful and informative. It keeps running within the background and shows you useful data concerning places around you. once you walk by one thing attention-grabbing, junket can show you details concerning the situation. It will even stream audio data to your headphone with none faucet on the screen.

8.AR GPS Compass Map 3D

[appbox googleplay  screenshots com.kettler.argpsc3d]

This can be a really distinctive and helpful AR app for navigation. In split screen, it shows a map together with your designed destination associate degreed an overlay of a compass inform over your camera ready.

AR GPS Compass Map 3D may live force field strength and outline landmarks by specifying latitude/longitude. Its most noteworthy feature is that it will live the peak of tall objects simply by mistreatment your phone’s camera.

9.Augment – 3D Augment reality

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Augment may be a powerful 3D mobile app that is intended primarily for sales and selling purpose. However, that shouldn’t stop your from mistreatment this AR app for fun functions. mistreatment the ability of increased Reality, Augment 3D let its users visualize and share their product fully 3D in an exceedingly period of time setting. The AR app is free for golem, and there’s a brief tutorial on the way to work with the models within the app.

The models are available completely different classes and themes, and you’ll be able to additionally move and rotate the 3D object as you please with gestures. you’ll be able to use this increased reality computer code for multiple functions like in retail, e-commerce project visualization, design, project presentation, etc.

10.Google Translate

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Google has done a considerable quantity of labor to get rid of roadblock through Google Translate. it’s support for 100+ languages and it might simply prime the list of best AR apps for golem thanks to its real-world quality. except for voice and text input, Google Translate additionally permits you to purpose your camera at transcription and see its translation. however cool is that!

Did you discover this list of best AR apps for the golem to be helpful? Share your thoughts and suggestions with the comments.

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